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518RE: [revelation-list] Morning star

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  • Bob MacDonald
    May 2, 2003
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      Hi Pere

      Morning star here is not exactly the same word as in 2 Peter though it may
      have similar sense.

      2 Peter 1:19 is phosphoros - bearer of light - lucifer in the Latin of
      Cicero - so Aune points out. Curious that this title applied in Isaiah
      14:12 to Lucifer is taken as a name by the speaker of this passage in Rev.

      Rev 22:16 is part of the 'closing bracket' of the book, picking up the gift
      noted in Rev 2:28. Aune points out that Rev 22:10-20 forms the epilogue of
      Rev as a classically formed oration.

      Aune has a page on the Messianic symbolism (1227) including the intriguing
      comment that the Damascus document, alluding to Numbers 24:17, calls the
      star (Messiah) the interpreter of Torah.


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      the little foxes that make havoc of the vineyards,
      for our vineyards are in flower. (Song 2.15)
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