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516Morning star

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  • Pere Porta Roca
    Apr 30, 2003
      Dear all,

      I'm particulary interested, here and now, in knowing which real sense have
      Jesus' words in the final part of Re 22:16: EGO EIMI ... O ASTER O LAMPROS O
      PROINOS (I am the bright morning star).

      Where can I find something solid and well based, some specific answer(s) to
      this question (and not general comparisons as, for instance, with Is 14:12;
      or general considerations as, for instance, "star is a messianic symbol (see
      Nm 24:17)" as I read in my catalan bible)?

      Beside this is it possible too you make me know what you think about this
      Jesus' cutting assertion?

      I should be grateful to those who show their mind about this subject.

      Pere Porta Roca,
      a chrystian believer
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