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364Re: The Apocalypse Of John And The Rapture Of The Church

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  • Alan Fuller <rocsy@yahoo.com>
    Jan 3, 2003

      I read the article with some intrest, but these thoughts occured to

      The woman was in heaven. The dragon was in heaven. So wasn't the baby
      born in heaven? It doesn't say he was snatched up to heaven, but to
      God and his throne.

      It appears the woman goes to earth in 12:6, and the dragon in 12:9.

      Could 12:4 be an allusion to Daniel 8:10?

      Did the baby drop from heaven to earth? That's the only way I think
      it could represent a rapture of the church. Or does a baby born in
      heaven represent the church? If it is supposed to be in heaven how
      does it represent the rapture?

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