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213Re: [revelation-list] Question on Seven Sealed Scroll

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    May 16, 2002
      Hi Georg,
      What is the central theme of your thesis? Mel Miller
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      > In my thesis I argue against Mazzaferri's view. The term biblaridion
      > to be a diminutive form. Although diminutive forms may loose their
      > diminutive sense, this requires that they have been in use for some
      > Biblaridion, however, occurs, to the best of my knowledge, only in
      > Revelation and Hermas' Shepherd and in later writings dependent on the
      > former two.e
      > Moreover, the "little scroll" is obviously an Ezekielian scroll. The
      > in 5:1, however, is a sealed scroll, the Danielic sealed scroll I
      > for a number of reasons. I have endeavoured to work out the
      consequences of
      > this view in my thesis.
      > Georg S. Adamsen
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