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1254RE: [revelation-list] Rev 20:4 = 1 group or 2 groups?

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  • Moriah Plastics - Jason Coates
    Sep 3, 2013
      I do remember the idea that there are two sets of martyrs or some ambiguity
      or extra value inherent here. Perhaps the Greek scholars could explain the
      word "beheaded" And the use of the word in the NT? Specifically Matt 14 and
      Mark 6. If St. John the Baptist is alluded to - being the last martyr of the
      Old Covenant and forerunner of the Chrisy- his beheading most significantly
      emphasised that perhaps St John is revealing Old Covenant martyrs and their
      inclusion in the fullness of Covenant.

      1. The Testimony of Jesus

      2. The Word of God.

      - the OT prophets pointing the way - the law and the prophets up to John the
      Baptiser - the forerunner

      Are they the same martyrs as under the altar or can they be different or
      even both?

      Jason Coates

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