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1203Re: Comparing two scenes of heaven

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  • e_s_c_h_a_t_o_n
    Apr 28, 2011
      I think you make some very valid observations about the the heavenly temple and the New Jerusalem. Of course the New Jerusalem is seen coming down to earth in ch. 21, and is correctly understood as the church I believe.

      I think mentions of a heavenly temple, messenger, or vision can be seen as the beginning of a section in Revelation. The sequence proceeds chiastically and then closes with some of the same symbols we saw near the heavenly temple. That's what you point out with some of the same symbols in the NJ that we found in the heavenly temple. We can follow that pattern to make an outline of Revelation.

      The pattern is very similar to what we find in the first three chapters of Genesis. First we have seven days, and then we have a reverse pattern in the Garden of Eden. The animals are created on the fifth day, man on the sixth and God rests. Then man is placed in the Garden, he names the animals, etc. See the Hexameron by Anastasius of Sinacticus for more explanations.

      In Genesis we have the sequence of seven first, and then the Garden of Eden which corresponds to the temple/tabernacle. In Revelation we have the temple and then the sequence of seven.

      Alan Fuller

      --- In revelation-list@yahoogroups.com, David Brubaker <dave@...> wrote:
      > I've never seen or heard any discussion of this topic, and I wonder if
      > the more knowledgeable people here on this list know, or have
      > opinions, about it. Also, do any of the standard interpretations say
      > anything about it?
      > There are two extended descriptions of heaven in Revelation, besides a
      > number of brief glimpses throughout the story. The first scene
      > (chapter 4) is at the beginning of the main part of the story and the
      > other scene (new Jerusalem) is at the end. What interests me about
      > them is that the two scenes are completely different, almost opposites
      > in some ways. Even God is completely different in the two descriptions.
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