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116Help needed right now on locating recent article on Rev 9:1?

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  • Georg S. Adamsen
    Oct 12, 2001
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      Dear list members

      Recently I read a journal article (if my memory serves me) on Rev
      9:1 in one of the scholarly journals to which we subscribe. It was
      recently published, as far as I remember. I think I made a copy, but
      if I did, it has disappeared. It is, among other things, concerned
      with the identity and function of the star mentioned in Rev 9:1. I
      need to consult the article today, but I can't remember where it is
      published, and I could not find it in NTA. I somehow failed to enter
      the title in my database, it seems.

      Do any of you remember where it is published (if you have seen it or
      a reference to it, that is)?

      Thank you for any help (hopefully today!)!

      Georg S. Adamsen
      Ass. Prof. of NT, LSTA