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1072RE: [revelation-list] Re: A simple explanation of the millennium

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  • Tom Ricks
    Sep 12, 2009
      Jack Collins work, Genesis 1 - 4 A Linguistic, Literary and Theological
      Commentary has some of the best work I've seen on the early Genesis
      passages balancing creation evidence for the age of the earth and the
      Hebrew text which he finds are not at odds.



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      I agree that /eschaton /makes many leaps that are unsubstantiated by
      scripture and presents more questions than answers.

      The problem I have with this reply though, is that we can have both
      situations: man was created 6000 ago and the earth was created many
      billions of years ago. The reconciliation lies in the time span between
      Genesis 1:1 and 1:2 and the fact that face of the earth was renewed.
      Considering that this is a Revelation list I will leave it at this. If
      you would like, I can reply off forum and fill in the gap for you.

      drjenney2 wrote:
      > Seems a bit simplistic to me.
      > It assumes the earth was created a bit over 6000 years ago, which
      > flies in the evidence of the world around us. It is supported only by
      > Bishop Ussher's rather dubious addition of numbers in the OT.
      > .

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