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1025Beginning the journey

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    Apr 3, 2008
      I never thought that I would ever write a book on Revelation. I avoided teaching subjects on the end times because I knew that my views did not harmonize with popular viewpoints. The challenges in chapter one about the promised blessing and the return of Christ, motivated me to study in greater detail. This study has a resulted in a brief, practical, and easy to read presentation of one of the most challenging books of the bible. (second to Leviticus)
      One day, two of my work supervisors asked me to teach them the book of Revelation. Mike Talbert and Hattie Hartley refused to let me talk my way out of this project. As I thought of why I could not do this, I realized that it would be a challenge and I decided to follow through.
      The result has been one of great blessing to me. Being the teacher has enabled me to explore in greater detail, and receive greater understanding to communicate this message. My prayer is that this study will challenge others to experience the blessings contained in this book.
      I have sought to avoid the controversies surrounding the many viewpoints over symbols and figures of speech, and have sought to keep a literal viewpoint as much as possible.
      I do not make any reference to a return of Christ before the tribulation period because Revelation gives only one return in Chapters 19 and 20. Neither do I believe that a distinction between the church and Israel exists, but rather a distinction between those who are faithful and those who are not. Only faithful followers of Christ will comprise the true church (and the church will include redeemed Israelites).

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