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Re: [rest-discuss] Redirect Without Changing URI

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  • Erik Mogensen
    ... Pardon my not answering the question, but wouldn t two rooms have two different URIs even though they have the same contents? e.g. /room/red has
    Message 1 of 2 , May 21, 2013
      On Tue, May 21, 2013 at 6:40 PM, Shea Levy <shea.levy@...> wrote:

      I recently ran into a situation where I had several pages that had the
      same content, but represented different states in the application due to
      where links from the page pointed. As an example, consider a game where
      you move from room to room, each room may have monsters to fight or
      items to pick up and may have any number of exits. You might have two
      rooms with the same contents and the same exits, but exiting north from
      the first room brings you to a different place than exiting north from
      the second.

      Pardon my not answering the question, but wouldn't two rooms have two different URIs even though they have the same contents?

      /room/red has <link href="room/blue" rel="north"/> 
      /room/white has <link href="room/orange" rel="north"/> 

      In a way, the rooms are not identical, as the north exit exits elsewhere.

      In the same way, the current state of the application isn't the same if invoking the "north" hypermedia control takes you to two different places.

      If "north" takes you to two different places depending on something else, Hypermedia is no longer the Engine of Application State. :-)

      My first thought on representing this would be to have each
      exit be a hyperlink with a relative URI, and respond to the request to
      get one of the identical rooms with a protocol-level redirect (to the
      same shared resource) that doesn't cause the client to change the
      meaning of relative URIs. Do any REST-capable protocols (the only one I
      know of is HTTP?) support this? Could they?

      It sounds a bit strange, but I would have to re-read the definition of 302.  You want e.g. to say you're in /room/red, which redirects 302 (temporary) to e.g. "/places/redrum" — the client would "get" the representation of "redrum" and resolve links in relation to "red" instead? so <link href="blue"/> would resolve to /room/blue and not /places/blue.

      I guess, if you consider the security constraints (think CORS in web browsers) and you are writing media types, and don't mind talking about HTTP when talking about your media type (see HTML[1]), you could say that a 302 response should leave the base URI unchanged, caveat in mind!

      HTTP assigns a similar capability to the Content-Location header[2]: "The value of Content-Location also defines the base URI for the entity."  This has, however, been removed in the httpbis[3]: "The definition of Content-Location has been changed to no longer affect the base URI for resolving relative URI references, due to poor implementation support and the undesirable effect of potentially breaking relative links in content-negotiated resources."  YMMV.

      PS: Have you seen this? application/maze+xml [4]


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