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Re: [rest-discuss] Re: request to register 'profile' link relation (http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-wilde-profile-link-03)

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  • Eric J. Bowman
    ... As I understand it, describedby relates to the *resource* while profile relates to the *representation* and the two should not be mixed. I may have
    Message 1 of 5 , Oct 6, 2012
      Andrei Neculau wrote:
      > Description: The relationship A "describedby" B asserts that
      > resource B provides a description of resource A. There are no
      > constraints on the format or representation of either A or B,
      > neither are there any further constraints on either resource.

      As I understand it, 'describedby' relates to the *resource* while
      'profile' relates to the *representation* and the two should not be
      mixed. I may have one 'describedby' linked to by each variant (conneg)
      of a resource, which says nothing about document syntax, while each
      variant is a different media type -- with or without a profile saying
      nothing descriptive about the resource, only the syntax used by that
      particular representation.

      So the difference is inherent in the protocol's separation of resource
      from representation, and has nothing to do with whether either relation
      type is meant to be dereferenced or treated as an identifier.

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