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Re: [rest-discuss] ATOM Pub vs. JSON vs. ...?

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  • indresh malik
    Hi Philippe, May be i didnt understand your mail in totality, can you please elaborate what are the issues with APP? We are planning to start a new project
    Message 1 of 15 , May 29, 2012
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      Hi Philippe,
      May be i didnt understand your mail in totality, can you please elaborate what are the issues with APP?

      We are planning to start a new project exposing REST interface and use APP/ATOM feeds for notifications.

      Appreciate your help!

      Thanks in advance,

      From: Philippe Rathé <prathe@...>
      To: Kristian Rink <kawazu428@...>
      Cc: Rest List <rest-discuss@yahoogroups.com>
      Sent: Tuesday, 29 May 2012 11:39 PM
      Subject: Re: [rest-discuss] ATOM Pub vs. JSON vs. ...?

      Hi Kristian,

      how could be atompub dead? People are just starting to understand
      REST, how could someone choose atompub when he doesn't understand

      I'm starting to work on a side project that make uses of APP. I also
      noticed that it wasn't trendy. But when I realize
      the reasons were that nobody cares about interoperability and
      hypermedia driven application state,
      then my fear disappeared because I care. XML may be less trendy than
      JSON, that was I used to think. But I found my trend: XQuery in the
      backend and a native XML database, storing my feeds as-is.

      I felt that working with APP could be a good knowledge investment.
      That was a decision that came from my heart first. I recognized
      something strong in it.

      Good luck!

      On Tue, May 29, 2012 at 9:23 AM, Kristian Rink <kawazu428@...> wrote:
      > Folks;
      > I am at the moment into trying to choose a data format / representation
      > to use for building a RESTful web service which should allow for reading
      > and writing resources, which should be accessible using "standard" tools
      > as well as using a dedicated programming API and which should as much as
      > somewhat possible rely upon existing open standards.
      > After doing some reading, I came across Atom and APP as it seems in many
      > possible ways provide sane and stable solutions for problems at hand
      > (including things like "workspaces", "feeds", "entries", dealing with
      > service and category descriptions, dealing with textual and binary
      > content, dealing with extensibility and stuff like OpenSearch and the
      > like).
      > In many ways, so far it seems the perfect match, however it right now
      > (at least for me) suffers from a particular shortcoming: I am not really
      > sure whether it's a technology or a standard to "last". Doing some
      > reading on that, I rather quickly stumbled across articles pointing out
      > that "AtomPub has failed" and "AtomPub is basically dead", suggesting
      > that everyone else uses JSON based REST services right now, eventually
      > pointing out that even the Google GData services are considered "legacy"
      > and replaced by different approaches right now. On the other hand I
      > don't really see what could replace Atom or especially AtomPub talking
      > about providing a given data structure, a data and service semantics to
      > allow for read/write interactions with a service in a somewhat sane,
      > standard way.
      > So to ask: If you were about to start a new RESTful project supposed to
      > work with existing "standard" tools, what kind of data representation
      > would you choose? Would you still go for Atom / AtomPub? Would you
      > rather use some kind of JSON+HTTP? Something completely else?
      > Thanks in advance for any input,
      > Kristian
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