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Looking for REST based .NET resources

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  • Nissan Dookeran
    Hi, this is my first post, so forgive me if it s too platform specific for the discussion. I m heavily involved in reengineering a website with ASP.Net MVC,
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 12, 2009
      Hi, this is my first post, so forgive me if it's too platform specific
      for the discussion.

      I'm heavily involved in reengineering a website with ASP.Net MVC, and
      in designing the architecture I'm trying to use as many RESTful
      principles as the framework will allow.

      As such I've started by re-engineering all controllers to be
      resource-based, and implementing default Golden Seven actions (Index,
      Show, Create, Add, Edit, Update, Delete) on controllers that every
      resource inherits from as the standard. This is where I realised pain
      with my first tradeoff between graceful degradation of a web rendering
      and adherence to REST since I can't take PUT or DELETE headers in my
      Update and Delete actions without using Ajax on the View itself.

      I have had to default to the Microsoft method of using POST in a bad
      way as the substitute for PUT and DELETE headers, but the intention is
      in a subsequent iteration to redo them using their proper PUT and
      DELETE headers implemented by Ajax, at least until HTML5 becomes the
      standard. (Thanks Alan Dean for that tweetful bit of info)

      I'm currently struggling with 'groking' other REST concepts in
      preparation for a new iteration, since it's not enough for me to just
      understand as I need to bring the rest of my development team on board
      with my proposals at every step (believe me, it was a challenge to get
      them to accept the simplicity of re-engineering our awfully
      overcomplex Controllers to be Resource-oriented, and use Golden Seven
      actions as default).

      Is a web resource available that members know about that help someone
      like me understand the challenges involved in getting an ASP.NET web
      application (specifically an ASP.Net MVC app) conforming to the
      architectural style that is REST?

      I went through the mailing list archives looking for any past threads
      on this without success.
      Nissan Dookeran
      "Find a problem. Figure out how to solve the problem. Find more
      people with the same problem and you have a business."
      (Gary Schoeniger, founder of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative)

      The Law of Motion & Responsibility:
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