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9716Re: URL-Design: Structured Resources vs. Searching Globally

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  • A. Pagaltzis
    Nov 1, 2007
      * Hugh Winkler <hughw@...> [2007-11-01 12:02]:
      > I admit I'm not sounding very convincing with this argument,
      > because I'm asking you a) to have clients make an extra GET
      > first to retrieve the form, and b) they still have to have some
      > foreknowledge of the element name attributes they should
      > understand. It does however insulate them from having to
      > understand the form of your urls.
      > I guess I'm putting this out here for discussion, and not
      > really suggesting you implement it this way.

      I *would* suggest that it is implemented that way. It’s the
      hypermedia constraint.

      Truly RESTful apps are – by definition![1] – designed around
      the formats of the representations exchanged, not around the
      structure of the URIs used.

      Take a look at Atompub for an idea of how that looks in practice.

      > But if anyone out there thinks there's a good way to do what
      > I'm trying to do, which is to drive the interaction through
      > forms, please jump in.

      I think what you described is just fine.

      [1] Remember what “ReST” means…

      Aristotle Pagaltzis // <http://plasmasturm.org/>
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