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9680Re: [rest-discuss] “HATEOAS” (was: 30x St atus codes)

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  • Roy T. Fielding
    Oct 2, 2007
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      On Oct 2, 2007, at 6:02 PM, A. Pagaltzis wrote:
      > * Peter Lacey <placey@...> [2007-10-02 19:35]:
      > > compliance with HATEOAS (God, I hate that term)
      > Yeah, me too; which is why a while back I proposed saying
      > “hypermedia-driven application state” instead, whose initialism
      > is HDAS, and whose long form rolls of the tongue with nicely
      > rhythmically if you cut “application” to “app.” People weren’t
      > very enthusiastic about the idea, though.
      > So instead I’ve taken to saying “the hypermedia constraint” or
      > sometimes just “hypermedia” over either “HATEOAS” or using the
      > full phrase. Eg. in this case it’d be:
      > Similarly, form-based links that allow compliance with the
      > hypermedia constraint require an extra trip.

      The word "hypertext" should have been enough, but it actually
      means very different things to different people (especially
      those within the hypertext research community). I can't just
      shorten it to "hyperstate" either, since that would imply
      "much more state" (not what we want).

      It has some aspects in common with "data reactive" engines, as in


      though I wasn't aware of that paper until 10 minutes ago.
      Much of the software architecture research on constraints was
      influenced by the GUI work on constraint-based layout toolkits.

      I would suggest calling it the "hypertext constraint" when in
      normal discussion, or the "reactive constraint" when within
      slapping distance of a literary hypertext fan.

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