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9675Re: [rest-discuss] 30x Status codes

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  • Mark Baker
    Oct 2, 2007
      On 10/2/07, Nick Gall <nick.gall@...> wrote:
      > On 10/2/07, Peter Lacey <placey@...> wrote:
      > > Why redirect? Quoting the RWS book " The 303 status code is a good way
      > > to canonicalize your resources. You can make them available through many
      > > URIs, but only have one "real" URI per representation. All the other
      > > URIs use a 303 to point to the canonical URI for that representation.
      > > For instance, a 303 might redirect a request for
      > > http://www.example.com/software/current.tar.gz to the URI
      > > http://www.example.com/software/1.0.2.tar.gz ."
      > Wouldn't using the Content-Location HTTP header field also be a "good way to canonicalize your resources"?
      > The Content-Location entity-header field MAY be used to supply the resource location for the entity enclosed in the message when that entity is accessible from a location separate from the requested resource's URI. A server SHOULD provide a Content-Location for the variant corresponding to the response entity; especially in the case where a resource has multiple entities associated with it, and those entities actually have separate locations by which they might be individually accessed, the server SHOULD provide a Content-Location for the particular variant which is returned.
      > It has the advantage of NOT requiring a round trip.

      In theory, yes. In practice in the wild, not so much. See this thread;


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