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9670Re: [rest-discuss] 30x Status codes

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  • Peter Lacey
    Oct 2, 2007
      Julian Reschke wrote:
      > Brandon Carlson wrote:
      > >
      > > Let's assume a RESTful weather service with the URIs looking
      > > something like this:
      > >
      > > # Daily forecast
      > > forecast/2007/ 10/02
      > >
      > > # Today's forecast
      > > forecast/today
      > >
      > > I would expect the URI for today's forecast to redirect to the
      > > forecast for today's date. My question is which redirect to use. My
      > > first thought is that I would use a 301, but then, the more I
      > > thought about it I think a 302/307 is the correct choice.
      > >
      > > What does the group think?
      > It's a temporary redirect, so 307 would be correct.
      > However, where's the point in forcing the redirect at all?
      From the POV of a GET a 303 and 307 are very similar. However, a 307
      is a "temporary redirect" which to me implies "I've moved the resource
      over there for a little while, but next time you need it it might be
      back here." While a 303, "see other," says to me "I understand what
      you're looking for, and I'm sending you over there to get it."

      Why redirect? Quoting the RWS book " The 303 status code is a good way
      to canonicalize your resources. You can make them available through many
      URIs, but only have one "real" URI per representation. All the other
      URIs use a 303 to point to the canonical URI for that representation.
      For instance, a 303 might redirect a request for
      http://www.example.com/software/current.tar.gz to the URI

      From the same source, 302 is to be avoided due to ambiguity issues.

      -- Pete
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