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9640Re: REST API specification templates

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  • rogervdkimmenade
    Sep 9, 2007
      --- In rest-discuss@yahoogroups.com, "A. Pagaltzis" <pagaltzis@...> wrote:
      > This is a contradiction in terms. REST is defined by two
      > properties:
      > 1. Server state is exposed as a set of resources that have a
      > uniform interface and are named by URIs.
      > 2. The client doesn’t make any assumptions about the server URI
      > space; all it does is follow links.

      I am currently defining an interface using the REST style. What i do
      is discover the resources and the representations of those resources.
      I have a test specification, i would like to run that test and i want
      test reports.
      Resources: TestSpec, TestRun, TestReport, TestSpecs, TestRuns,
      POST http://<host/Test/TestSpecs <TestSpec>...</TestSpec>
      return 201 Location: http://<host>/Test/TestSpecs/TestSpec1.xml

      POST http://<host>/Test/TestRuns <TestRun
      return 201 Location: http://<host>/Test/TestRuns/TestRun1.xml

      GET http://<host>/Test/TestReports

      In my case the client does make assumptions of where to find the
      resources, but does this make the interface less RESTful?

      Roger van de Kimmenade
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