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8275Re: [rest-discuss] REST and URL length limitations

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  • Alan Dean
    May 1, 2007
      On 4/30/07, hovhannes_tumanyan <hovhannes_tumanyan@...> wrote:
      > Folks,
      > Please, excuse my ignorance, if this was discussed earlier but did
      > anyone consider the impact of URL size limitation on RESTful
      > application implementation in real world?
      > To the best of my knowledge, RFC do not limit the size of URL or GET
      > query string. However, quick research on the net suggests that IE, for
      > instance, can't accommodate more than 2083 characters. I'm inclined to
      > believe that 2083 characters (not bytes) essentially is the limit of
      > state information that can be included in RESTful request.
      > In reality, the real limit is even lower due to URLencoding
      > requirements.
      > Any thoughts or comments are highly appreciated and welcomed!

      More restrictive than that is the IIS path length limitation of (up
      to) 260 characters.

      I don't know if other web servers suffer the same limitation.

      Essentially, IIS assumes that the path represents a physical file and
      applies the windows MAX_PATH length (this won't affect anything after
      ? or # in the URI). If you nest the virtual directory deep inside the
      file system, this will reduce the supported path length even further.

      Alan Dean
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