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7117RE: "Lightweight Data Access Services" and Well Designed Urls [rest-discuss]

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  • Mike Schinkel
    Nov 30, 2006
      >> > The next issue you debated with me was whether REST required
      >> > hypermedia. I am still unclear as to what hypermedia exactly looks
      >> > like (I've seen zero real world examples in anything I've read
      >> > online)
      >> I would have thought a web browser consuming HTML would be pretty hard to

      I was referring to web services, not web browsers.

      >> > However, ALL of the examples of web services implementations I have
      >> > seen that claim to be REST-based DO NOT incorporate a "hypermedia"
      >> You might want to look at feed auto-discovery:...

      That new job kept you away for a while? ;-) You were replying to a really
      old message. I've since found many of your articles and I praised them in
      later emails as the only ones that I had found that were clear to a
      REST-newbie. Also in the past month I've been reading A LOT about REST and
      RFCs, and have a much better handle on things.

      OTOH, thanks for the links; one of them was new to me.

      Also, I'm a huge fan of the URI Template spec.

      -Mike Schinkel

      P.S. One more thing; wouldn't you say that the Atom Feed Autodiscovery and
      the OpenSearch, from a web services perspective, fairly trivial with
      essentially one operation each? I mean they are not at the level of
      something like placing a purchase order or anything.
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