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6549Re: [rest-discuss] verbs in a PUT request?

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  • Josh Sled
    Sep 8, 2006
      On Thu, 2006-09-07 at 20:46 +0000, Matthew Stevens wrote:
      > http://www.jitsu.org/jitsu/guide/approach.html
      > but I notice it says
      > "issues an AJAX XmlHttpRequest PUT to send the changes to the server.
      > The PUT request has a list of "commands" that the server should
      > perform to make the necessary modifications".
      > This is not REST (not that the site says it is). This is an RPC
      > protocol using JSON format. Correct?

      REST allows code-on-demand. As such, I don't think it breaks REST for a
      server to deliver code (here: XHR-calling javascript) that is tailored
      to talk back to the source server in a specific media type (albeit and
      ad-hoc RPC-in-JSON). I'd constrast this with a public API that had the
      similar form, but was only described as an RPC layer on top of POST or
      PUT, and expected specialized clients to be written to that specific

      In a similar way, it doesn't break REST to have a form include the
      name-value "operation=reserve_ticket" ... the user-agent is still
      executing a POST of content as dictated by the server and the shared
      media types involved.

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