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6547verbs in a PUT request?

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  • Matthew Stevens
    Sep 7, 2006
      While I am sold on REST architecture (and feel like I have been
      wasting years of my life in the SOAP rope-a-dope), I am only starting
      to learn proper resource modeling especially within certain
      application scenarios. The REST Wiki has been very helpful - thanks.
      When it comes to identifying things which try to be or resemble REST
      but they really are not, I am still green.

      I am really keen on RIA/AJAX solutions which isolate the presentation
      layer on the client/browser and integrate with resources the REST way.
      On the other hand, I am pretty sure I am not seeing REST in all these
      sessioned, distributed presentation client-server sync solutions which
      operate Http micro-middleware between AJAX engines and server-side
      presentation frameworks. As visually compelling as the Echo2 demos
      are, this debuggable demo


      shows the micro-middleware which is syncing the AJAX Engine with the
      server and it doesn't strike me as being REST or web scale. It looks
      like traffic you might see trussing a socket between an X client and
      server and its clearly stateful.

      Sometimes I do find what I am looking for, a client side only
      presentation solution


      but I notice it says

      "issues an AJAX XmlHttpRequest PUT to send the changes to the server.
      The PUT request has a list of "commands" that the server should
      perform to make the necessary modifications".

      This is not REST (not that the site says it is). This is an RPC
      protocol using JSON format. Correct?
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