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5260Re: [rest-discuss] REST requires HTTP or other transports

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  • Jon Hanna
    Oct 5, 2005
      scottgregory wrote:
      > Hello;
      > Most of the discussion around REST that I can find refers to HTTP as
      > the only transport used.

      HTTP is not a transport protocol. Abusing HTTP to serve as a transport
      protocol is one of the things that can lead to people not taking
      advantage of the RESTful nature of HTTP.

      HTTP is not the only possible RESTful application protocol, indeed if we
      were starting from scratch we could probably do better. However it's
      development did go hand in hand with that of the REST style,
      particularly the changes that led to HTTP1.1 being developped as a
      successor to HTTP1.0.

      Hence when we are talking about REST we are most often talking about
      HTTP as the application protocol (with TCP/IP or perhaps a secure
      transport protocol built on top of TCP/IP as the transport protocol) but
      this is not necessarily the case.
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