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5259Re: [rest-discuss] REST requires HTTP or other transports

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  • Walden Mathews
    Oct 5 9:01 AM

      : o The message processor would have a pretty limited number of verbs (could
      : have just "process this"). The verbs don't have to be limited to just the
      : fab four, either.

      There could be a lot of them, as long as they make sense when applied
      to *any* resource:

      example: GET /my/bank/account (good)
      example: LOCK /my/bank/account (good)
      example: GETSTOCKQUOTE /my/bank/account (bad)*

      It is a matter of consistency, not parsimony, although the latter is
      probably a desirable side-effect.


      * until my bank account becomes publicly traded, anyway
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