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5082Re: [rest-discuss] Re: transactions with REST

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  • Nic Ferrier
    Jun 4, 2005
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      "Andrzej Jan Taramina" <andrzej@...> writes:

      > Better bet is to keep the granularity of your REST (or WS) calls coarse
      > enough that the transaction is handled entirely by the back end.

      Yes, I broadly agree with you.

      But when a transaction is necessary (and sometimes they are) REST
      could handle it just as well (I believe better) than RPC systems.

      Since a lot of the focus of certain RPC systems has been on
      distributing transactions (ahem, EJB) that is quite an interesting

      > It points to your colleage thinking of the world in local RPC terms.

      It really doesn't. As I said, my colleague was actually enthusiastic
      about REST. But he had been put in situations where he needed
      transactions and felt that REST wouldn't allow him get the job done.

      I think it's just another one of the things about REST and how little
      it is understood because of it's simplicity.

      I think that people tend to be too concrete about the nouns.

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