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5077Re: transactions with REST

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  • Andrzej Jan Taramina
    Jun 4, 2005

      > In the context of this discussion a programmer, who was actually very much in
      > agreement with the REST way of doing things, suggested that one of the things
      > REST could not do was transactions.

      REST (and even SOAP) calls are typically of long duration. This is
      exacerbated if the invocation is going across the internet.

      In that situation, it is usually considered very poor design to hold a
      transaction and tie up the resources on the back end.

      Better bet is to keep the granularity of your REST (or WS) calls coarse
      enough that the transaction is handled entirely by the back end.

      It points to your colleage thinking of the world in local RPC terms. That
      doesn't fly very well in a distributed system. You might want to point him
      at the Fallacies of Distributed Computing (from Peter Deustch, extended by
      James Gosling):

      1) The network is reliable.
      2) Latency is zero.
      3) Bandwidth is infinite.
      4) The network is secure.
      5) Topology doesn't change.
      6) There is one administrator.
      7) Transport cost is zero.
      8) The network is homogeneous.

      In other words, wrt REST: it's a feature, not a bug! ;-)

      Andrzej Jan Taramina
      Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions
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