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5043RE: [rest-discuss] The role of queries in REST?

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  • Bornholtz, Tim
    May 11 3:57 AM
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      RE: [rest-discuss] The role of queries in REST?

      >> Isn't there a paradox here?  On the one hand, identifiers to resources must >be made available, else clients can't access the

      >> resources.  On the other hand too much knowledge of resource identifiers >leads to coupling.
      >I think Jan meant that the client shouldn't be hardcoded to assume the >location of certain things - like looking for resource identifiers such as  >robots.txt, favicon.gif, etc. Having a level of indirection through a >description language allows one client to work with many sites - which is the >goal of decoupling

      So is there a standard description language being adopted?  I know that Tim Bray suggested one recently ( http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2005/05/03/SMEX-D ).  If eveyone creates their own way to describe the available services then each client is still somewhat tightly coupled to the implementation.


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