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5040Re: [rest-discuss] The role of queries in REST?

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  • Jan Algermissen
    May 10, 2005
      Roy T. Fielding wrote:

      > On May 10, 2005, at 1:43 PM, Jan Algermissen wrote:
      >> REST does not 'allow' any kind of identifier construction (IMHO).
      > That's not true. REST only requires that the representations
      > supply the identifiers. That doesn't prevent the representation
      > from dynamically constructing the identifier in accordance with
      > whatever rules are standard for the media type (e.g., HTML has
      > forms, server-side image-maps, and Javascript -- all of which
      > can generate very RESTful transitions to the next state).

      Oops...yes, I was obviously making a stupid statement there...
      Sorry for causing confusion.

      So then....given some representation

      <root base="http://ex.org/foo/base/">
      <item id="mission1">
      <item id="plan1">
      <item id="aircraft-AA36">

      having a MIME type that defines the neccessary 'construction semantics'
      it would be RESTful
      to construct the URI


      for the innermost item.

      Is that what you asked, Roger?


      > ....Roy

      Jan Algermissen http://www.jalgermissen.com
      Consultant & Programmer http://www.tugboat.de
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