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5035Re: [rest-discuss] The role of queries in REST?

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  • Nic Ferrier
    May 8, 2005
      "Vincent D Murphy" <vdm@...> writes:

      > [snip]
      >> I actually think he's correct that RSS/Atom is becoming the standard
      >> "Noun" format that is the subject of the HTTP "Verbs" (with proxies
      >> and other intermediaries becoming the "Adverbs" I guess.)
      > I see URIs as the nouns, and RSS/Atom as more of a structure to hang
      > metadata on.

      URIs are only the noun of the nouns. The nouns themselves are the
      resources to which the URIs point.

      I personally think that RSS is a really good noun format for many of
      the list of URIs resouces that we talk about in REST.

      > I agree that HTTP methods are verbs, but I wonder whether
      > intermediaries-as-adverbs is stretching the analogy a bit. :)

      I agree too.

      But then I can never remember what an adverb is /8->

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