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5034Re: [rest-discuss] The role of queries in REST?

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  • Vincent D Murphy
    May 8, 2005
      On Sat, 7 May 2005 09:00:01 -0400, "Jeffrey Winter"
      <JeffreyWinter@...> said:
      > I don't think that this necessarily goes against the principles of REST
      > per se;

      I agree.

      My interpretation is that he is advocating a simplified interface and
      format to data on the web. Simpler than what we use for databases. The
      result is essentially a lowest common denominator. The results are in
      RSS, the protocol is HTTP.

      There is no doubt that database binary wire formats are definitely past
      their sell-by date. Think of how many database drivers we could dispense
      with if they all used one wire format.

      He doesn't say much about queries, but name-value pairs
      (application/x-www-form-urlencoded as used by HTML forms) or Google (no
      real syntax) seem to be as far as it goes. Again, lowest common

      I don't think anything he is proposing contradicts the REST
      architectural style either.

      > complex XPath expressions could always be encoded as URLs in
      > some manner to provide the sort of complex joins you are talking about.

      Or, maybe the indexes necessary to make joins work will be maintained by
      third party intermediaries (Google?), and they would be the servers to
      query. These third parties might run spiders specialised on particular
      XML or RDF namespaces or schemas.

      > I actually think he's correct that RSS/Atom is becoming the standard
      > "Noun" format that is the subject of the HTTP "Verbs" (with proxies
      > and other intermediaries becoming the "Adverbs" I guess.)

      I see URIs as the nouns, and RSS/Atom as more of a structure to hang
      metadata on.

      I agree that HTTP methods are verbs, but I wonder whether
      intermediaries-as-adverbs is stretching the analogy a bit. :)
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