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4744Re: [rest-discuss] REST and the design of HTTP methods

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  • Jan Algermissen
    Jan 1, 2005
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      Julian Reschke wrote:


      >Let's stick with a
      >very simple example such as:
      >HEAD /foo HTTP/1.1
      >Host: example.com
      >PROPFIND /foo HTTP/1.1
      >Host: example.com
      >Depth: 0
      >Content-Type: application/xml
      ><propfind xmlns="DAV:">
      > <prop><getcontenttype/><getcontentlength></prop>
      >At least in this case, PROPFIND doesn't seem to be more than a different
      >way of getting the same information.
      Does anyone happen to know why the functionality of PROPFIND has not
      simply been enabled by
      the definition of a set of additional headers, e.g.

      HEAD /foo HTTP/1.1
      Host: example.com
      DAV-GetProps: ContentType; ContentLength


      Or would this use of headers be unRESTful anyhow?


      >So is your concern about cases such as custom properties on a resource?
      >Best regards, Julian

      Jan Algermissen
      Consultant & Programmer
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