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  • S. Mike Dierken
    Nov 5, 2004
      The more articles explaining REST the better! Thanks for taking the time to
      do this.

      "Overview - The main ideas behind REST are [...]"
      The Overview only mentions retrieval of representations.

      "REST Characteristics - Clients "pull" resource representations from
      There is more to state transfer than retrieval. Clients can 'push' content
      to any reachable endpoint.

      "No server-side state is used to process the request."
      I know what you mean, but this might be a bit confusing for a newcomer.

      "Responses can be labeled as "cacheable" so clients know if it is safe to
      cache responses for performance reasons. "
      Excellent. I always forget to mention this.

      "PUT - creates a new resource or modifies an existing resource and typically
      returns the resource URL"
      I'm not sure the resouce URI is actually returned, since PUT requires the
      URI in the incoming request. POST sometimes returns the ID of a newly
      created resource.

      The CRUD discussion is a little unclear. PUT is used to set the state of an
      identified resource regardless of whether it existed before - sort of like
      an UPSERT in the SQL world. And POST is used for both create and update
      operations, but the distinction isn't visible in the HTTP. A little more
      discussion & comparison/contrast in this area may help some of the audience.

      I like the idea of providing a set of Java classes for application
      developers - that's an under-served audience in this area.
      If you are extremely bored, you might want to look at
      http://xml.apache.org/projects/xang/ for an older Java servlet-based
      framework for REST based applications (you have to get past some of the
      blather and look at the code, I really should dust off that code and
      simplify the docs...). But really, for this stuff, once a developer
      understands the ideas, the 'framework' is only a very small amount of code.

      Also, for a good Java HTTP client library, take a look at Apache's Commons
      project http://jakarta.apache.org/commons/httpclient/.

      "REST is not appropriate for stateful applications"
      You should also mention that stateful applications are not appropriate for
      the Web (or scalability, etc.).

      "REST isn't currently preferred over SOAP by major players"
      Hmm, I work at a little bookstore in Seattle & we use REST style software
      all the time.
      Perhaps you meant by major vendors?

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      > I wrote an article on REST that includes details on a Java implementation.
      > focuses primarily on using REST to build distributed applications that are
      > necessarily web apps. I'd be interested in any feedback on it. You can
      > it at http://www.ociweb.com/jnb/jnbNov2004.html.
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