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4648Re: [rest-discuss] typical message protocols and more

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  • S. Mike Dierken
    Nov 1, 2004
      > Now for HTTP GET and POST response messages. I've asked a server to do
      > something and it's going to send data back to me. What are the most common
      > kinds of content I'll see returned? I'm guessing it is HTML and XML.
      > Correct?
      The content returned depends on what the request expects and has asked for.
      For example, if you run across a document with an <img src="..."> tag, the
      client application would expect to be able to transfer an image to or from
      the specified resource.
      The HTTP GET request has an Accept header that specifies a list of desired
      content-types - so your app might reasonable ask for PNG or JPG or GIF when
      retrieving an image.
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