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4647Re: [rest-discuss] typical message protocols and more

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  • S. Mike Dierken
    Nov 1, 2004
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      > REST applications typically use
      > * HTTP as the application protocol
      > * URLs as resource identifiers

      > * HTML form POSTs or XML as the request message protocol
      When transferring state to the server (POST, PUT) data is often sent as
      name/value pairs (encoded per the application/x-www-urlencoded definition).
      There are also file uploads where the server accepts multipart/form-data -
      each part has a content type associated. Of course, it's quite common to
      just directly POST or PUT the binary content of the data being transferred.

      > * HTML or XML as the response message protocol
      Perhaps in sheer numbers of resources, HTML, CSS, GIF, JavaScript, etc. are
      fairly popular content-types when retrieving representations of resources.
      RSS/Atom is getting more popular, but that could just be due to poor
      caching... (that's sort of a joke...)
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