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4467Re: [rest-discuss] Client-composed URI paths

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  • Jeff Bone
    Jun 15, 2004
      On Jun 14, 2004, at 5:55 PM, Neil Kandalgaonkar wrote:

      > In HTML, aren't the vast majority of URIs just provided in links?

      Yes - explicit ones. We're talking about having the servers specify
      generation rules for whole classes of valid URI, not merely passing out
      explicit lists of them.

      > Do you mean forms? Because, of course, that's a good standard for
      > transforming client data into the query section of a URI.
      > So I think the question is: do we need another standard for clients
      > to transform user data into the *path* section? In a way customized
      > to each REST application?

      Whether it's in the query or the path is somewhat orthogonal to the
      desire to express URI generatively. The preference for having such a
      mechanism that works both with path parts and query parts is driven
      mostly by caching concerns, otherwise somewhat by a resource modeling
      philosophy that says conceptual hierarchy in the model should be
      expressed as such in URI.

      Cf., w/ caveat that this is purely my own (and early, not recently
      revisited) thoughts on this:




      Also check out Mark Nottingham's related thoughts on a WSDL approach to




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