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4463Client-composed URI paths

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  • Neil Kandalgaonkar
    Jun 14 3:55 PM
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      --- "S. Mike Dierken" <mdierken@...> wrote:

      > The construction of URI based on a service meta-description is
      > more complex and
      > not widely used outside of HTML - I'd love to see a more powerful
      > version
      > put forth & accepted by the community.

      In HTML, aren't the vast majority of URIs just provided in links?

      Do you mean forms? Because, of course, that's a good standard for
      transforming client data into the query section of a URI.

      So I think the question is: do we need another standard for clients
      to transform user data into the *path* section? In a way customized
      to each REST application?

      My first guess is no, but I'd like to hear potential uses first. Why
      would you want to compose such a URI path? Why *wouldn't* you want to
      do the same thing with a URI query?

      Neil Kandalgaonkar
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