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4454Re: [rest-discuss] does URI structure matter?

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  • S. Mike Dierken
    Jun 11, 2004
      > > Why is discovery of a particular URI "better" than discovery
      > > of the construction technique for a URI? This argues that HTML
      > > FORM GETs are a bad way of creating URIs because they are
      > > fabricated.
      > There seems to be a lot of discussion about how the URIs in a REST
      > system should look. Or how they map to server data structures.
      > Maybe I'm behind the times here -- Roy seems to want a WSDL-like
      > technology to allow you to compose URIs. But does the URI really
      > matter?
      > Paul Prescod argues[1] that the URIs in a REST system ought to be
      > thought of as opaque. You would only discover them as links from other
      > results obtained in the REST system.

      My opinion is that both are tools, with benefits and costs. Both are widely
      used - discovery via href= attributes and generative via FORMs. The
      discovery via href= style attributes is pretty simple and 'standard'. The
      construction of URI based on a service meta-description is more complex and
      not widely used outside of HTML - I'd love to see a more powerful version
      put forth & accepted by the community.
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