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4421RE: [rest-discuss] Re-using information fields for queries in REST

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  • David Orchard
    Jun 1, 2004
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      > -----Original Message-----
      > From: Walden Mathews [mailto:walden@...]
      > | I was wondering about the best way to RESTfully model information
      > | retrievals versus queries in REST. Imagine an Artist
      > structure with
      > | name, genre, albums, rating, etc. I want to both search
      > for Artists
      > | that approximate the name or albums, or exactly match a genre or
      > | rating. As well, I want to retrieve a given Artist's information.
      > |
      > | The retrieval is easy, with something like GET /Artist?
      > | name=thieverycorp retrieving the structure.
      > That looks more like a collection or subset to me. A single
      > artist resource might be more like /Artist/123. An important
      > question is: how does the client discover that URI? The "hyptertext
      > engine" constraint of REST really wants it to be discovered, not
      > fabricated by client as a parameter list.

      Why is discovery of a particular URI "better" than discovery of the construction technique for a URI? This argues that HTML FORM GETs are a bad way of creating URIs because they are fabricated.

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