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41Re: The woes of conneg (was: RESTifying)

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  • mdierken
    Jan 17, 2002
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      --- In rest-discuss@y..., Mark Nottingham <mnot@m...> wrote:
      > In combination with the method and conneg hacks, then, I could have
      > .../thePerson?repr=editform&method=PUT&accept=text/xml
      > (not really applicable to this representation, but you get the idea)

      Not sure if I understand method=PUT and accept together.
      PUT would have a content-type though.

      Identifying the editable representation is a bother.
      Once I tried uri?method=edit but didn't like that, so ditched it
      before anybody noticed.
      Tried uri?layout=editor - moving in the right direction. Kept that
      for a while.

      Don't know what to try next. Maybe uri?view=editor - 'view' is a
      wonderfully ambigous noun/verb.

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