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39Re: [rest-discuss] Re: The woes of conneg (was: RESTifying)

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  • Mark Nottingham
    Jan 16, 2002
      So, I'm inclined to make the jpg a subresource (along with other
      attributes), but this leaves me with a bit of a headache; how do I
      identify an HTML-editable version of the resource? If I make it
      another subresource, e.g.,
      there's the (theoretical) possibility of a namespace clash. So, I can
      either define sub-sub-resources
      which is icky, or I can use a query arg or attribute;
      .../thePerson?repr=editform --or--

      In combination with the method and conneg hacks, then, I could have
      (not really applicable to this representation, but you get the idea)

      I think I like using a parameter best; is there any semantic
      difference worth noting (from a REST standpoint) between query args
      and parameters?

      Regarding putting the DN in the URI; I was concerned about
      typability, etc., until it occured to me earlier today that I could
      have a "typeable" interface optimised for people hand-typing URIs,
      jsut as there's a search interface optimised for HTML form
      submission; e.g.,
      or somesuch.

      On Wed, Jan 16, 2002 at 08:01:03AM -0000, mdierken wrote:
      > >
      > > Of course, conneg is still useful to expose, but lack of support in
      > > browsers means that another means of doing this -- probably with
      > > query strings (or maybe path parameters?) -- will have to be hacked.
      > >
      > > *sigh*
      > I've used the ?method= approach for a couple years (actually used
      > do:method for collision avoidance) to tunnel methods. I've also used ?
      > accept= to tunnel Accept headers.
      > Why not use the LDAP dn in the URL?
      > For example, I wrote a servlet a while back to do stuff like this:
      > http://www.xmldatasource.com:7779/xds/ldap2xml/
      > http://www.xmldatasource.com:7779/xds/ldap2xml/db.debian.org/ou=users/
      > uid=myxie/
      > http://www.xmldatasource.com:7779/xds/ldap2xml/db.debian.org/ou=users/
      > uid=myxie/?do:accept=text/xml
      > Mike
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      Mark Nottingham
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