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3847Re: [rest-discuss] 403 vs. 409

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  • Walden Mathews
    Aug 5, 2003
      > Agreed. If the state was transferred such that it was "processed", then
      > it's a success. One can, I believe, quite reasonably define "processed"
      > to include determining whether an XML document was well-formed or not
      > ... if that meets your needs.

      Sure, in that case your resource is just an XML parser, not an
      application that consumes well-formed and perhaps valid XML.

      > > > Because it's an error. An error response describes the specifics of
      > > > error, leaving the client no way to proceed through the application,
      > > > except to do a logical "Back"; as far as the state of the application
      > > > concerned (which the client maintains), that interaction never
      > No, you got it, that's what I meant. "Back" from the "400 page", so to
      > speak.

      Okay, then the application still has the same means for proceeding
      through the application that it did before the error. Should be no
      problem in terms of state machine.

      > > > "HTTP status codes are extensible. HTTP applications are not required
      > > > to understand the meaning of all registered status codes, though such
      > > > understanding is obviously desirable. However, applications MUST
      > > > understand the class of any status code, as indicated by the first
      > > > digit, and treat any unrecognized response as being equivalent to the
      > > > x00 status code of that class, with the exception that an
      > > > unrecognized response MUST NOT be cached."
      > >
      > > Ah, thanks. So it would seem the part of 2616 that says 400 is about
      > > syntax error specifically kind of violates that class/subclass thing,
      > > other 4xx responses are not about syntax. Season to taste?
      > Dunno, you'll have to ask the editors.

      Okay. Editors?

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