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3836Re: [rest-discuss] 403 vs. 409

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  • Seairth Jacobs
    Aug 2, 2003
      So far, all I am seeing is that just about everyone has a different take on
      whether to use 400, 403, or 409 (and maybe even 200 for POSTs). I realize
      that there are cut-and-dried cases that no one would argue with, but for
      these other cases where everyone seems to have a different opinion, I am
      wondering if maybe the best approach is to just pick the response(s) that
      seem appropriate and document the decision. In the end, I may choose to use
      403 where some (though not all) others think 409 would be more appropriate.
      However, as long as the documentation clearly indicates which responses to
      expect for which occasions, can we all accept the difference of opinion and
      move on? I have continued to implement my code using 403 and have not yet
      seen any compelling reasons to change it. As long as people working with my
      documented interface know that 403 is the expected response (among others),
      does it really matter?

      Seairth Jacobs
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