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3702Java support for WSDL http bindings

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  • grimlinda
    Jun 5, 2003
      I'm new to the group and like most newbies, am full of questions.
      The one most pressing to me at the moment is that, while I don't
      much care for SOAP and prefer a URI-based approach to services, I do
      see a need for something WSDL-like to support discovery and service
      registration. What I am looking for is a Java tool that will take
      in a WSDL with URL bindings and generate an easy to use interface
      object to populate appropriate parameters in the http URI.

      This object would provide methods
      like "getParameterList", "getParameterType", "setParmeter
      (parmname)", etc. Eventually, I'm looking at being able to resolve
      semantic differences between the requestor's vocabulary and the
      service provider vocabulary, but that's down the road.

      I am happy to write the class if it doesn't already exist, but was
      wondering if there were any tools out there for this sort of thing?
      SOAP seems to have them (it really needs them- otherwise no one
      would use it), but the URL bindings option in WSDL does not seem to
      have any tool support.

      Help! And does any of this make sense?