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3662Re: [rest-discuss] Style extensions in the small

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  • Roy T. Fielding
    May 5, 2003
      I am swamped trying to finish the URI revision...

      I'll just add that one thing we want out of an architecture is the
      ability to adapt to, or be adapted by, future changes in the evolving
      way that the system is being used. Life is change.

      In general, it is far easier to adapt a system that is self-descriptive
      (high visibility of syntactic and semantic meaning within the structure
      of communication), both because the interactions are easier for third
      parties to understand and because the communicating parties are less
      likely to base their communication on shared out-of-band assumptions:
      assumptions that may not be applicable in the future. In other words,
      the components of a successful computing systems are never just
      communicating among themselves, because success will lead to change
      and change will lead to new components.

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