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3648Re: [rest-discuss] Why do I care about visibility?

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  • Chuck Hinson
    May 1, 2003
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      Mark Baker wrote:

      >On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 08:42:36PM -0400, Chuck Hinson wrote:
      >>So, over the last year or so, I've worked my way through the various
      >>concepts of REST - resources, representations, hypermedia as the engine
      >>of application state, etc. And now I've come to visibility.
      >>I've been trying to get my mind around exactly what visibility means and
      >>why its important to REST. I think I have a vague sense of what it is,
      >>but I'm not sure I understand why its important. I took a look at
      >>Fielding's thesis, but I didn't see much at all on visibility.
      >What it said was pretty good though, even just this sentence;
      >"Visibility in this case refers to the ability of a component to monitor
      >or mediate the interaction between two other components. "
      >I think that says it all. Was there something in particular about that
      >definition that you had trouble with?
      Well, its one of those definitions where my reaction is "OK - now what
      does that mean." I'm sure its an accurate and succinct definition, its
      just too terse for my small brain. What are the pros and cons of
      having/not having visibility? How do I determine what or how much an
      intermediary needs to see in order to have 'good' visibility? When is
      something not visible? What does it take to make something visible?

      >>Can someone give me an example of why and how visibility is important
      >>(in REST). I suspect that one of the examples will involve proxies, so
      >>if someone could give an additional example that'd be even better.
      >Given the definition, providing an example that doesn't use an
      >intermediary would be tough. 8-).
      OK. I guess I was hoping someone had an example of an intermediary that
      wasn't a proxy or a gateway..

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