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2798Re: [rest-discuss] REST achieves hype status (was: Groove etc.)

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  • Paul Prescod
    Nov 6, 2002
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      (from the thread at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/rest-discuss/message/2781)

      bhaugen32 wrote:
      > This development marks the onset of REST as a buzzword.
      > The pioneers should feel both proud and appalled.

      Yes, REST has been quite a buzzword for a while. For some it means "use
      existing Internet infrastructure". For others it means "use few methods,
      whether they are HTTP's or not." For others it means "use lots of URIs."

      If people are thinking about the issues enough to misunderstand them,
      that's at least progress. ;)

      I'm somewhat confused about how the RESTful SOAP Groove thing will work.
      First, I wonder how they will work around the well-known problems in
      using service URIs in WSDL. Second, I wonder why they would use a READ
      method instead of the GET method embedded in the implementations of
      hundreds of tools and standards, from Xalan to Squid, XPath to the DOM.

      My guess is that the answers to those questions are linked. They
      couldn't use HTTP GET because WSDL has such poor support for REST. I
      would guess they've built a REST-a-like on top of a standard
      single-endpoint SOAP services. I would guess that the addressing model
      is *still* broken into domain/port/service-path and resource-path
      whereas the Web has domain/port/resource-path. The
      service-path/resource-path split is still proprietary, just as if
      resource-path was using some kind of proprietary GrooveIDs. And of
      course the method names and semantics are still proprietary to Groove.

      If we all do this then we will end up with hundreds of incompatible

      I understand the position Groove is in: they have to ship software and
      can't wait until WSDL is fixed. And they have to demo Visual Studio.NET
      integration so they can't dump WSDL. Maybe they did the right thing from
      a marketing and sales point of view.

      But nevertheless, fans of "RESTful SOAP" should get out there and
      publicize the problems with WSDL so that they will be fixed one day. It
      would be really tragic if five years from now that the REST acronym is
      associated with a design pattern that has been deployed in hundreds of
      incompatible ways in hundreds of incompatible services.

      These issues are discussed further here:

      * http://www.blogstream.com/pauls/1032521623/index_html
      * http://www.prescod.net/rest/wsdlhttp.html

      Paul Prescod
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