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2794REST achieves hype status (was: Groove etc.)

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  • bhaugen32
    Nov 6, 2002
      Phil Eskelin wrote:
      > I went back and read the entire article [1], written by Jon Udell at
      > InfoWorld. I can't tell if my problem comes from what I perceive
      as a
      > writer trying to sound smart, Groove trying to cash in on hype...

      This development marks the onset of REST as a buzzword.
      The pioneers should feel both proud and appalled.

      I remember when the same thing happened to patterns,
      and objects before that.

      A new concept gets promoted, initially adopted by a few
      and disdained by many. If the promoters are successful,
      the new concept becomes synonymous with goodness.
      Pretty soon everybody wants to claim the goodness.
      Unfortunately, many of them only put it on like lipstick.

      Next step, a rack of REST books,
      some of them based on RPC-oriented SOAP?

      But the fact remains, Roy, Mark, Paul and colleagues
      have executed a remarkably successful education campaign!
      Going from disdain to hype-as-goodness in about a year?
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