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2781[rest-discuss] Groove Web Services

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  • Michael Smith
    Nov 4 1:11 PM
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      I've just read this article on the upcoming Groove web services
      interfaces. It talks about how Groove have tried to create a RESTful
      interface using SOAP/WSDL and that the result is an "exceptionally
      elegant and productive Web services API".

      Then I read that;
      "It's all organized as a web of linked XML documents controlled by a
      handful of verbs such as Create, Read, Update, and Delete." !

      They really seem to have grasped the value of uri-addressable resources
      represented in xml, accessed using a small number of standardised methods.
      So what did they need SOAP for ?
      I have to hope that their next step is to make SOAP optional. Or will
      they continue, and start reinventing http-caching.

      Any thoughts ?
      Michael Smith.
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