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2756Re: [rest-discuss] POSTING to a URI that contains a query string ?

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  • S. Mike Dierken
    Oct 11, 2002
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      From: "Jan Algermissen" <algermissen@...>

      > Here is a fictitious example:
      > Suppose there is a web service that serves manuals for all kinds
      > of technical goods, among them air conditioner XYZ. Also suppose that
      > the only way to tell the services which machine's manual I need to see
      > is via a URI. I would have to issue requests such as
      > GET
      > (not url encoded for clarity)
      > Would there be any way to put the air conditioner's URI into the service's
      > URI other than via a query string ?
      If this is not purely a pass-through - the brandX.com is a registered data
      entity on your server - then you don't have to have http: in there. You
      would use an id that your server knew about, do the lookup to the base URL
      for the third party, and merge some text strings.

      If you don't need the protocol portion, you can just put it in a path
      segment (between the '/' characters). You can define for your internal
      implementation that any segments past a certain point are part of the other

      GET /documentation/manuals/www.brandX.com/products/air-contitioners#XYZ

      If you do need the protocol, then you probably need a query string.
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