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2751Re: [rest-discuss] POSTING to a URI that contains a query string ?

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  • S. Mike Dierken
    Oct 10, 2002
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      From: "Jan Algermissen" <algermissen@...>

      > Can I POST to a URI that contains a query string ?

      > Example (adding a link to a linklist) :
      > POST /linklist?subject=travel HTTP/1.0
      > Host: www.myhost.com
      > Content-Length: 28
      > http://www.cheaptravel.com
      > Would this be OK ?

      > Would it be OK in an HTML <form action="..." method="POST">
      > element to specify an action URL that contains a query string ?

      The only caution I would have is when server tools parse the request, they
      don't always do it right. Often they provide a request property called
      'parameters' - but there is no such thing in the protocol. This usually is a
      blending of the query terms from the resource identifier and the name/value
      pairs from the content being posted. Another example where common tools are
      broken with respect to using the protocol correctly.
      Often, you will have to explicitly get the query terms separate from the
      form data. I think ASP pages can do this relatively easily. If the names
      between query terms and content body are the same you may have problems, so
      I'd recommend avoiding that.

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